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The cheesiest movies ever, and the people who love them!

Cheesy movies!

Cheesy movies!
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Is Breakin', Father of the Bride, or DOOM your favorite movie, then this is the place for you. These are movies you hate to admit you like, or ones you actually like to admit, but people think are totally cheesy!

This community will include reviews, polls, and discussions on the cheesiest movies of all time. Becoming a member is part of the all the fun, but be warned, just like other communities where you must be judged before you join there could be some debate whether you are cheesy enough to be a part of all this.

To become a member please join the community and complete the following list:
1. Top 10 favorite cheesiest movies
2. Favorite cheesiest actress (include a photo)
3. Favorite cheesiest actor (include a photo)

After a debate you will be decided on if you shall remain or be booted from the community.