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Sue [userpic]
Beowulf and Grendel
by Sue (ghostwriterxx)
at April 10th, 2006 (12:41 pm)

Just for kicks, i decided to repost this here since it is somewhat movie-ish...its our adventures at the Beowulf and Grendel showing at the film festival. The director was there which was fun because i like to hear alot of the inside jokes...little gems such as Jared Butler's manhood shrivelling because it was so cold where they were filming..stuff you probably wont' hear about on the dvd :) Anyhoo...the film started out a little slow, and slightly confusing if you're not familiar with the legend. But it picks up midway through. The movie was well done...a perfect mix of adventure and witty dialogue (perhaps wittier than most fantasy flicks) as Beowolf's legend is very obviously embellished and exaggerated. It's an interetswting take on it because in the movie he's portrayed as a guy whose legend has gotten way too big. I kinda liked that. I also thought that Grendel was very well done. No CGI blue screens here. That fact lends to movie a certain legitamacy and detracts from the fantastical element that might turn some people off. It was a very enjoyable movie...however...there was just that one part...

Semi Spoilierish...Don't click if you don't want spoilers...but it is sorta funnyCollapse )

Countess Anna Le'roux [userpic]
by Countess Anna Le'roux (deinemuse)
at April 5th, 2006 (05:08 pm)

Hello, this community has just been created so give it some time to get established. If you would like to donate any icons, banners, acceptance or denial images please comment or once a member send them to me. Also, going to be looking for some co-moderators, so let me know if your interested.

Oh, and give this a few days to populate members till I make a real post and we advertise for members.

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